Starr Studios Salem School of DanceStarr Studios Salem School of Dance



"Great experience for my daughter!"
Mother of 3 Year Old Student 2009-2010
"...[the instructor] really knows how to bring out the best in kids."
Sarah R. - Mother of 5 Year Old Student - 2009-2010
"Both girls loves their classes and can’t wait to come each week."
Jessica I. (Mother of 4 and 5 year old students)
"This is the best hip-hop class I have taken and I have taken a lot!"
Natalie W. (15 year old student 2010-present)
"[My daughter] loves being in class and learning more about the different styles of dance."
Mother of an 8 Year Old Student
"Starr Studios is a place where I can escape because everyone is so friendly and supportive."
Lauren W. (15 year old student)
"I like that there's so many different kinds of dance classes and everybody is so friendly!"
10 Year Old Student
"...I really appreciate the extra effort [the instructor] puts in and all that she does for the kids."
Crystal R. - Mother of 6 Year Old Student 2009
"Amazing teachers! Amazing staff! Amazing environment. This is why we are at Starr Studios for our 3rd year!"
Mother of 11 & 13 year old Students
"I like the small business feel of the studio. The studio has won the hearts of my boys."
Student and Mother of 4 Students Age 8 to 15
"This Dance Studio has a very positive attitude and keeps the classes for the youngest participants light and fun."
David R. (Father of a 4 year old student)
"You are doing a great job! I appreciate your energy and enthusiasm! Our dancer REALLY enjoys her class at Starr!"
Stephanie B. (Mother of a 7 year old student)
"We are really happy with our experience here - educational, fun and exposure to new styles of dance. Great job!"
Sherrie L. - Mother of 6 Year Old Student 2009
"I like the way [my daughter] has gained confidence with her dancing. She loves the classes and looks forward to taking classes. Great School!"
Mother of a 10 Year Old Student
"I love dancing, and I love Starr Studios! For the 9 months I've been here I have learned so much. Miss Serenity is a great teacher!"
Kelsy R. (21 year old student)
"(My daughter) enjoys ballet every week. Loves the tip-toeing and twirling. Everything seems well organized and structured. The teachers are very good with the little ones."
Anne W. (Mother of 3 year old student)
"I love Starr Studios, the teachers are friendly and fun and my daughters love coming to class. This is really Everything Dance Should Be for my kids."
Laura L. (Mother of 6 and 15 year old students)
"[My daughter] has made true friends in her classes at Starr Studios. She is excited to go to class every week – it is the highlight of her week."
Mother of a 10 Year Old Student
"“We're going to try to come back as soon as our schedule frees up because {our daughter} loves the class so much! Thanks for being such a great instructor!”"
Mother of Previous 3 Year Old Student 2009-2010
"I like knowing that the person teaching my daughter is concerned about her happiness and safety. I know that she’s not being treated like just another part of the crowd."
J.B. - Mother of 8 Year Old Student 2009-2010
"I love Starr Studios! All of the teachers are amazing and I've made so many friends here. Dancing is challenging but extremely rewarding. It’s one of my favorite things to do."
Emma F. (15 year old student)
"Starr Studios have become a part of my daughter's identity. She loves to dance, and the warm community at Starr Studios has helped build her confidence and skill. We love Starr Studios."
Mother of a 12 Year Old Student
"This studio is like my second home, and I think anyone who dances here would agree. The environment is very welcoming, and the staff is loving and friendly. I wouldn't be any other place."
Jordan H. (14 year old student 2009-present)
"[My daughter] has really enjoyed her two years at Starr Studios. It has increased her confidence to be a part of such a great group of staff & children. The close­knit dance community is irreplaceable."
Mother of a 9 Year Old Student
"I love dancing at Starr Studios! It’s challenging to return to ballet after 13 years, but the instructor is really good at working with a variety of skill levels. She is professional and makes it fun!"
Jessica R. (27 year old student 2010-present)
"Starr Studios is like a home, and the classmates and teachers are like family. While you learn so much, it's always so much fun, and we're always laughing. You're pushed to do your best and always encouraged."
Emily W. (15 year old student 2009-present)
"Starr Studios is my favorite place to be! The instructors are so nice and really work hard to make you a fabulous dancer! I never want to leave dance, it is like a second home to me! I love it here!"
14 Year Old Student
"Ms. Malia is absolutely wonderful! My daughter has a disability that doesn’t allow her to be able to do everything the other kids can do but Ms. Malia goes the extra mile to assist her in any way. My daughter just loves the ballet."
Kim R. (Mother of a 3 year old student)
"My daughter had so much fun and she learned so much!!!!! I was pleased to see the teachers sincerely cared about their students and are very accomplished in their field, this was a amazing experience for my daughter and she can't wait for next session!!"
Amanda - Mother of 8 Year Old Student 2009-2010
"I absolutely love the studio! of the best experiences I've ever had. I've danced at other studios before but I definitely want to stick to this one. I always learn something new during every class. I can't wait to come back to the school and start dancing again!"
Mari M. - Student 2009-2010
"I took my 2 daughters to Starr Studio's for dance a 4 year old and a 9 yr old, they loved it!!!!! Was very affordable {the director} and her staff were so patient and good with my children!! They learned a lot and we are excited about returning for more classes, would highly recommend this studio!!"
Patti C. - Mother of 4 and 9 Year Old Students 2009-2010
"Love the staff! I have been out of dance for awhile, but the staff made me feel very comfortable while getting back into the 'swing of it.' They are very knowledgeable and always excited to share their experience in a comfortable setting. Even the students from the class before me leave excited for the next class...I know I am!"
Brittany (Adult student 2009-2010)
"My six year old loves to dance. My daughter started going to Starr Studios when she was five. Serenity and the staff there are very caring and encouraging to the children. My daughter loves going to dance class and is excited about her second year there. They also do ballet recitals for the parents to watch, which are very professional and fun."
Unknown (Posted on Google Reviews Aug 8, 2010)
"I have loved taking our daughter to Starr Studios. She has gained new skills both physically and socially. It has been such a blessing watching her blossom under the care of her teacher. I would highly recommend enrolling your child here. Teachers and staff are very kind, and we have always been pleased with communication between students, parents, teachers, and staff. We are grateful for the experience!"
Lisa B (Mother of 5 year old student)
"My daughter started dance one and a half years ago and began here at Starr Studio. I can't say enough positive things about the studio. My daughter stated just last week after picking her up from ballet, “I wish I could dance everyday!” My daughter also just made the varsity dance team as a freshman, thanks to Starr Studio. It has been a very positive influence on my daughter's life."
Mother of a 14 Year Old Student
"I had been trying to get my little nephew into a dance class and could not find one where he was not only learning, but enjoying himself until I found Starr. He has so much fun and enjoys it so much he looks forward to coming to class. The staff are great, not only with him, but with the children and as long as they are here, we will keep coming."
Yolanda (Aunt of 5 year old student)
"I’ve been at Starr Studios for about 5 months now and I have learned so much! I enjoy the challenge because it motivates me to work until I get it, when I do my class mates are so kind! (As usual.) We are taught well, my teacher is patient and I never feel like a failure. I’m here to stay. There’s balance and no pressure! I couldn’t imagine myself in another studio!”"
Marissa B. (16 year old student 2010-present)
"Being a professional dancer, it’s been a struggle to find my daughter a studio that balances technique and performances. [The director] and her studio are absolutely amazing! It’s great to have a patient, hardworking teacher that can do what she is asking of her students. She breaks things down and takes time to make sure everyone has it down perfectly. Every little thing has time spent on it. Starr Studio and [the director] get 5 stars and 2 thumbs up!"
Shuree N. (Mother of 16 year old student)
"My Daughter participated for the summer and is having a great time. She is learning skills that she can take with her through out her life. It has made her more confident and she is gaining self esteem. The teachers are very patient and kind to the students. All the kids in her group love going and my daughter is always asking when can she go back. We go once a week. Next session we will try twice a week. It has been a great experience for us."
Mother of 11 Year Old Student 2010
"My youngest daughter loves coming to dance. This is her 3rd year at Starr. She is never too tired and is always eager to be here. The staff has made us feel like family, even allowing me to help out back stage. That is what Starr Studios is all about; a family of dancers, getting together to enjoy what makes them happy, and sharing it all! So much so that my oldest daughter has found the dancer in herself with Irish Dance. Thank you for adding it to the schedule. We love you all."
Cara R. (Mother of 8 and 11 year old students)
"Starr Studios is the best! My three year old has been attending classes weekly for almost a year now. She LOVES IT! The teachers are amazing and really know how to get the kids motivated and get them moving. It's wonderful to see how much they have learned when you get to see them perform on stage twice in one year. They have classes for every age group, even adults, so my daughter can continue as long as she would like. I am so glad I found the perfect place for my music and dance loving little girl to learn, grow, and make friends with the same interests. Thank you so much Starr Studios!"
Jamie E. (mother of 3 year old student)