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Modern dance is a relatively new and very popular style of dance. Over the last decade, it has flourished and has become the most performed dance style at competitions and dance performances. It focuses on interpretation, freedom of movement, and strongly opposes the rigidity of ballet, which is and always was its primary purpose. Modern dance students are challenged to break through barriers and explore who they are as a person, and a dancer, in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Class Goal
To have fun learning how to translate and connect with music and emotions in order to transform them into dances that grab the audience's attention and tell a descriptive story, without words. Students are encouraged to explore their own expressions and participate in improvisation - a challenging, but important skill.

Current Classes
Age 10+ Modical (Lyrical modern)

Dress Code
Leotard, jazz shorts, tan or bare legs. No t-shirts, pants, or shoes please!

Dance, explore, and soar for just $13 per class.

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