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Lyrical dance classes center on exploring emotion, expression, and personal style. It's a beautiful, popular, and very distinctive form of self-expression and musical interpretation. Because lyrical is a product of ballet and jazz, students will also learn ballet and jazz basics in this fun, expressive, and passionate form of dance. Lyrical and modern are currently the most popular forms of dance for television, competitions, and professional companies.

Class Goal
To have fun making friends and learning how to use our bodies to tell a story, paint a picture, and translate music in a supportive and encouraging environment that focuses on building self-confidence.

Current Classes
Age 8-11A 'Lil Lyrical
Age 12+Modical (Modern and Lyrical)

Dress Code
Leotard, jazz shorts, pants, or leggings, lyrical shoes (or barefoot). No t-shirts, sweats, or sock-dancing after warm-up, please!

Learn how to dance from the heart - for only $13 per class!

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